From the 26th till the 28th of September, I was in Amsterdam for the Picnic Event


I attended the bloggers (un)conference organised by the European Journalism Centre and two presentations of the main conference.  I haven’t (at all) been able to list the most interesting questions or topics. I expect Frankwatching to summarize this soon for me 🙂 In that way I can just stick to what I personally especially remember:

-Thursday morning, Vanessa Witkowski presented CaféBabel blogs. A few Erasmus students started the project in 2001. Now, the website has more than 1.000 volunteer journalists and translators covering European topics. Moreover, it is translated in 7 languages and has its own magazine. The ultimate objective is to influence the European public opinion by propeling the local debates at a European level, in other words to create a European voice on the internet. According to Vanessa, a ‘Babelian’ is multilingual, mobile and between 20 and 35 years old.  So if you want to participate in the Babel project, take a look at the website. I love the idea of trying to bring the European debate within the blogosphere, and especially to young people, the decision makers of the future. 

-Michael Nederlof of talked about this Dutch project, which will be launched in other European countries as well. Particularly interesting for me, since I work with citizen journalists as well in the project HasseltLokaal, and since both mine and their project initiates from a traditional media company. Main difference is that citizen journalists get paid within the Skoeps project. In my project, the reporters only get friends and fame forever.  Which, according to a lot of bloggers is actually a good thing, because people who are emotionally attached to a project (and not by money), will stick way longer to you. Waw, what a relief 😉

-And then there were the debates among the bloggers, in which Eastern and Western Europe met. Very interesting, because usually the people I meet come from Western Europe. Now I have been able to exchange information with people form Lithuania, Moldova, Georgia,…You can read a brief overview of the (un)conference and the debates.

-And last but not least I enjoyed the presentation of Dick Hardt, about Identity 2.0. Very interesting and above all a very pleasant thought that in the future you’ll just have to give in your profile information once and you can just choose where to put which information from that point on. Can’t wait!


This is only a very small impression of ‘my picnic’. Anyway, it was also my first stay in Amsterdam and the city pleasantly surprised me, even though I spent too much money on a jacket I found in a shop not far from the conference. Women will always be women 🙂