Jeff Jarvis. Yes, Jeff Jarvis, the famous American journalist and blogger, has written about the HasseltLokaal project on his blog.

It was Niels Hendriks who sent me the link to the post. Preparing for a class he had to give (Niels lectures among others new media to journalists-to-be), he found the entry. And as a matter of fact, if you take a closer look at it, our project is the only one that has been linked to. Quite exciting I must admit. Pity we haven’t discovered it sooner (the entry was posted in December 2006), but anyway, now I can tell it to the world 🙂

Something else I am quite excited about, is the first Brussels Girl Geek Dinner on the 17th of October. Men are only allowed to join if they come with a girl. Blogger Maarten Schenk kindly asked if he could come with me, so he will be one of the five guys there. With 40 attendees, there will be a full house (who still wants to join, can put her name on the reserves list). Quite some interesting girls (and boys) if you take a look at the attendees list. I’m really curious to see how the debates and dicussions will evolve. Will it be any different with almost no geek guys in the neighbourhood? Clo Willaerts organizes the gathering and was inspired by the London Girls Geek Dinners.