Dying on the internet. Not a very optimistic topic, but everybody dies once, believe it or not. In real life, family and friends know what to do when you die. But what with the online world you have left behind? What about your e-mail contacts, your SecondLife friends, your blog readers and your Twitter friends? They will ask questions when you don’t appear online anymore. They want to know what has happened to you.

An Hauquier, a student at CMD (KHLim), has dedicated her master project to the topic. Therefore, she has made a prototype for an online will, called Online Death Notification. It works like this: you give two trustworthy friends or family members the login of your online will, in which you have written down how to contact your friends on different platforms. You can try it out by registering to the prototype.

I think it is a very interesting project to people who have spent a lot of time on the internet during their lives and as such want to have their online friends informed about their death in an appropriate way. Commercially, I see quite some opportunities for funeral directors and even to publishers and internet platforms. Our company has already made a first step on the internet when it comes to dying. But as a matter of fact, there is quite some work to catch up, so I hope that An’s idea will spread.

And since you read this and are thus still alive, I promise you, the next entry will be shinier and brighter 😉