On the 18th of December, I will be one of the speakers at a conference called ‘the fastest way to better government communication’. It is organised by Kortom, which gathers among others the communication officers of Belgian cities.

They put my presentation within the ‘e-democracy’ section since I will explain how citizen reporters make the local news at our platform HasseltLokaal.

Moreover, they have asked me to talk about the opportunities and pitfalls of a project like HasseltLokaal for a media company on the one hand and a city on the other. It’s a good exercise at any case, since it forces us to think this question over very carefully.

Everybody is welcome, well, everybody who understands a word of Dutch. Well, let’s just say that also non-Dutch speakers are welcome. There are more presentations at the same time and I will do anything for a full house, also speak English in other words 😉

PS The programme of the 18th of December (in Dutch)