Meetings aren’t always that interesting. So sometimes I start looking around to find more entertaining things in the room. That’s how I discovered that the fake red flower in the office of my former boss had made friends with a funny cactus. Seemed as if they had a much more vivid conversation than I had at any case 😉


A moment later, I felt the vibes and made a drawing of Mr Cactus and Mss Flower in love.


Love on the workfloor, and how beautiful it can be. I promise I’m not always like that 😉

So therefore some more serious stuff:

-the second HasseltLokaal magazine has been dropped in the post boxes of the people of Hasselt. The pdf of the magazine can be seen soon via the website of HasseltLokaal. We’ve done some minor changes and will again ask inhabitants and local traders what they think of an initiative like this. The results will be used for local projects at our company.

-tonight we have a christmas party with the 30 citizen reporters of Hasselt. This is one of our ways to thank them for their voluntary contributions. Everybody has to bring a present that hasn’t cost any money. In other words, you can look for something you don’t need anymore or you make something very creative. Mine will be a combination of the two, and that’s all I say about it 🙂