With the mobile webcamp not far away (at the 26th of April, so 3 more days to go), it’s kind of busy putting everything together.

Practical information on the webcamp, changes in the programme,…can still be found on the webcamp wiki.

For my company CityLive, I am blogging about the webcamp. As a matter of fact, I decided to dedicate the CityLive blog the whole week to the event. Yesterday, I discussed the location, today I wrote an entry about the Dutch participants, and tomorrow I will tell you more about the developer’s camp that is organised within the mobile webcamp event. On Friday, I’ll send pictures to the blog of the preparations (which are of course already going on right now) and on Saturday it will be about ‘old meets new’.

In the meantime, already quite some articles appeared about the event, among others on Belgablog en netties. Still a happy girl 🙂