The 4-hour workweek. “Escape 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich”. A book you shouldn’t read unless you want to quit your job, says the warning at the back. I’m convinced the bestseller of Timothy Ferriss (living the 4-hour workweek) won’t be that trailblazing, yet I’m in for a little experiment.

That’s why I am participating in a project of an acquaintance of mine, who started reading the book and doing the assignments at the end of each chapter. He summarises each chapter for me and a couple of other people and then asks us to do the assignments as well.

I consider it a chance to broaden my scope and reflect on life as we know it. And we’ll see where it gets from there 🙂 .

Curious? You can find the blog about his proceedings via this link. Maybe this is something for you as well?