On the website ‘If the World could vote‘ you can virtually participate in the American elections. In other words: do you choose Obama or McCain?

Belgium seems to be fanatically pro-Obama. From the 336 Belgian voters, more than 94% chooses the democratic president candidate. Overall, 82% of the 26321 voters favours him. Visit the website to vote and see the most recent overview.

Does it say something about the political profiles of (Belgian) internet users? Maybe it does. From the 4656 voters from the United States, 80% chooses Obama. Which isn’t representative at all when you compare it to other American polls. So can you deduce something from a website like this one?

At any case, there is no poltical party behind the website. According to the FAQ, three guys from Iceland started the initiative: “The site is independent from all political parties, companies or hidden agendas. It’s just an idea a 22 yo guy in Iceland came up with and executed with a little help from a couple of friends.” The guys are curious about how the world would vote.