A web based OmniGraffle or Visio. That’s what Lovely Charts is all about. It’s a tool to make great looking charts just the way you want it. Still in a beta-mode, so if you want to test it, go ahead 🙂 . I stumbled upon this Belgian start-up via Tijs.

Lovely Charts is for free, yet it also offers a premium edition:

“The main difference between the 2 versions being the fact that the free version only allows you to save one editable chart. You can print or export thousands if you want, but you’ll only be allowed to save one for later revision.”

This fully self-managed and self-financed project can become pretty big, like Tijs mentions. Especially when people can work simultaneously on a chart at different places. Which is one of the advantages of making your charts on the web and not on your desktop. Those ‘multi-user collaboration capabilities’ aren’t available yet according to the faq of the website. The Lovely Charts blog keeps you up to date when those and other novelties are integrated. At any case, I already like it now.