My last post about Barcamp Ghent indeed. Cause I can keep on writing about it. I wasn’t able to attend the presentation of Bart Dewaele from Netlash: “10 tips for starting entrepreneurs”. But I could catch up a bit thanks to his slides:

Also Toon Vanagt from Casius gave a presentation about the topic, based on his experience. Which was: starting a company thanks to venture capital right within the bubble, spending way too much money on employers and business trips, resulting in a management buy-out, and a company that survived it all: Casius. That’s the story. The lessons are quite a few do’s and don’ts (the do’s similar to the ones mentioned by Bart in the presentation above).

Cause it’s my last post about Barcamp Ghent: A big thanks to IBBT for the location and food, ONE Agency for the T-shirts and Netlash for the pizza at night. I had a great time!