“If you teach a man to fish, they not only eat for a lifetime, but you’ve just created a market for fishing rods, bait and angling magazines.”

Unfortunately not my words, but those of Paul Bradshaw. He wrote a very interesting article about the German newspaper Bild. Mentioning that Bild has joined up with super market Lidl to sell very cheap, basic cameras. Those cameras should be used by readers of the paper, who – when seeing something news worthy- take a pic and send it to … indeed: Bild.

Like that, Bild doens’t only turn every reader into a possible contributor (citizen journalist). It also may have found a new business model, states Paul. Because the newspaper probably made a good deal determining a commission for the cameras sold.

If this works, I think it also works for every other ‘fishing tool’. Cheap laptops to be able to edit and send your pics. A reduced fee for your internet connection. Cheap mobile phones to send mobile phone-pics with. … With a business deal that works for all parties of course.

At Blogboat Gent, I remember researcher Liesbeth Huybrechts say that innovation takes shape when different sectors or domains meet. She was talking about cultural innovations, but it also applies here. News and hardware industry meet. Curious whether Bild can push this forward.