mobile vikings

My former colleagues of City Live have launched Mobile Vikings, a new Belgian mobile operator “with a heart for internet”.

Their fees? phone calls for 0,24euro/minute, 0,10 euro/sms, 1.000 free sms’es and FREE mobile internet (1Gb/month).


Their plans? Step 1 is to set up the mobile operator they have just started. Step 2 is to bring people’s  ‘lifeline’ on their  phones (Facebook, Netlog, Twitter, WordPress,…), and step 3 is to provide tools and services for local merchants and organisations to interact with the world.

Their business model? Mobile Vikings believes that ad campaigns will shift for a big part from mass to personal media. And they are probably right. They want to match the needs of consumers and merchants (in step 3) and eg ask a commission each time a transaction between both parties has taken place. The American initiative OpenTable is mentioned as a possible example.

Their belief? In Belgium, mobile internet isn’t evolving as fast as in other countries. Amongst others due to the fact that mobile internet fees were extremely expensive and only reserved for the happy few. MobileVikings has decided not only to proliferate itself as a mobile operator, but as a ‘movemenet’ as well. We read on their Facebook group:

“Just like every earth resident has the right for drinking water, energy and education, we believe that everyone should have free access to information and digital services. Mobile Vikings wants to be a movement that accelerates this process.”


I think it’s very clever of them, because they have immediately added a feeling,  a belief, a conviction or whatever you might call it to their product. Yet, it’s a genuine feeling. I know the people behind Mobile Vikings since I have worked with them the past months. They don’t only want to have a profitable company, they also want Belgium to be ahead when it comes to innovation. And not somewhere behind, or -even worse- as the last student of the class. That’s why I wish them all the success of the world!