• Last Wednesday: geeking with the girls. Lovely, as usual. Especially lovely, ’cause it was the first time with no males at all. They were banned. Yes, they were. Nivea sponsored this edition and gave us all some great beauty tips ànd a make-over. Nothing for real males in other words. Sorry that the dinner’s heart and soul, Clo, couldn’t make it. She fell ill. Next dinner is on the 10th of March. Topic is ‘mobile’.


  • But males can be lovely as well, especially when they tweet. On her blog, Imke Dielen has organised the very first MCMG election or Most Cute Male Geek. Think it’s a very original initiative. These are the winners: imerged , palmaerts and pietel. Imke also took the picture above.
  • At the Girl Geek Dinner, I’ve done my best to pose next to Greet. Why? I have been following her (Dutch) blog for a while and I love the way she writes and thinks. Yet, she’s also superbrave!! Greet is the only female ‘nerd’ in the television series ‘Beauty & The Nerd’. A star is born and I’m standing next to her ;-). Up to you to find us on the pic.
  • Still at that same Girl Geek Dinner, I tried out my poken for the first time. Funny to see how girls I hadn’t spoken with for a whole evening suddenly rushed to me to do a ‘high four’.  A great way to receive many business cards in a short period of time.