Actually, it’s ‘journalist for two days’. Frank from Frankwatching (one of the leading Dutch marketing blogs, with over 20.000 subscribers alone (RSS, newsletter, Twitter)) has asked me to report about the DNA event in Brussels for his blog.

Couldn’t and didn’t want to say no, so I took a two day leave at work. For quite a few years already, I have been attending conferences like DNA from a visitor’s perspective. But now it’s time to go the journalist way. Again, because in a far away past  – not that far but it surely feels like that- I used to be a journalist, not the project manager I am today. Curious whether I’ll be able to undust my reporting skills fast enough. But I’m also convinced it will work out just fine.

I’m also looking forward to meet Paul Bradshaw and Robin Hamman again. I met Paul at Picnic 2007 and since then I occasionally write for his Online Journalism Blog. As for Robin: he was at the Blogboat event in 2008. I didn’t get the chance to speak to him but now I definetely will take the chance!

If you are at the event as well or if you have some tips for me (to interview someone in particular eg), please let me know!!