werchterTomorrow, I’m attending the famous Rock Werchter Festival with my sister. Very much looking forward to it. With artists like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and 2ManyDJs it will be hard not to enjoy the music. Moreover, the weather will be very sunny, which will only enhance the atmosphere.

At 7pm there will be a twunch (short for Twitter lunch) at the festival, with already more than 35 subscribers. Googling for ‘twunch’ I found out that this is a Belgian invention. The (Belgian) Twitterati love to share their thoughts not only on the micro blogging tool Twitter, but in real life as well. So when you are into lunch at a certain place at a certain time, you launch it on Twitter. Other people, in the neighbourhood at that particular time, can subscribe and join. A great idea. And to be honest, the initiative just hàd to be Belgian, since we can’t get enough of lunch and dinner and beer and wine and … There is even a twunch website, with an overview of future and past twunches.

For my sister it will be the first meet-up with my ‘online’ friends and followers. Curious what she’ll think of ‘the bunch at the Werchter twunch’. And as for the twunch initiative: I hope it will have a long national and international life.