When I opened my Facebook today, I was surprised to find a link to an article entitled ‘Tax agency spies via Facebook’ (the article in Dutch).

In short: the Belgian tax agency is said to watch people on network sites like Facebook and Netlog. Information that is found on the web, cannot be used as evidence, but may lead to further controls.

Main aim is to catch people whose lifesytle doesn’t correspond to their tax declaration. According to the article, the BBI (Belgian Special Tax Inspection) has already confirmed the story: “It is possible, it is allowed and it happens. Now and again information is gained via social network sites, but especially via eBay.”

After posting the link on Twitter, some people thought it was a hoax. Yet, I don’t think so. Somebody also wonders “how do they know my Ebay username”? I suppose they’re not just following anyone, but I’d like to know some more about it as well..