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 On the blog of Fast Company, 6 reasons are given why Belgium will be the next hotspot for design.

Imke Dielen shared the link on Twitter, stating ‘finally some positive news again about Belgium’. I couldn’t agree more, that’s why I want to highlight the article here. Go go read it 😉 .

big rubber duck in HasseltIn the harbour of my hometown Hasselt, there is a brand new attraction: a huge rubber duck floating on the water and enjoying the summer sun.

The duck announces the beginning of a challenging art project in Limburg, called ‘Zoom Out’. The project wants to unfold the borders of art, architecture and landscape. Moreover, it wants to find out in which way art can be used in public spaces.

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I’m pregnant, yes I am. Our baby, who we call ‘babes’ while in my tummy, is due around the 23d of November :-).

Even though being pregnant means being very tired, I have done quite some geeky things meanwhile. Like visiting London with the Girl Geeks (I only had the suspicion back then that I could be pregnant), like going for an @twunch lunch, like attending the interesting conference ‘Social media in Belgium: building brands via social media and blogs’. Like announcing on Twitter that I’m pregnant. I loved the reactions. Some wished me luck with ‘our tweep’ (Twitter person), so babes already has a nickname: tweep.

While in my tummy, babes has already visited a lot of places and met a lot of people. That’s why I started a set of photos on Flickr, named ‘while waiting for babes’. Too bad I haven’t taken more pictures, but there are still 5 months left 🙂 .

The pics (with comments in Dutch) can be found via this link or you can have a quick look at the slideshow here:

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Girl Geeks shopping in London

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Soon some text on my blog about the special Girl Geek edition. For those who can’t wait: Surf to the website at which it all took place: girlygeekyshopping.


  • Last Wednesday: geeking with the girls. Lovely, as usual. Especially lovely, ’cause it was the first time with no males at all. They were banned. Yes, they were. Nivea sponsored this edition and gave us all some great beauty tips ànd a make-over. Nothing for real males in other words. Sorry that the dinner’s heart and soul, Clo, couldn’t make it. She fell ill. Next dinner is on the 10th of March. Topic is ‘mobile’.


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Urban knitting. Wonderful!
More about the guerilla girls and techniques on this blog. Via Niels.
urban knitting
PS: not sure whether there are urban knitters in Belgium. Feel like trying it, but then I first have to learn to knit (again). Ouch 🙂 . Anyone?

A web based OmniGraffle or Visio. That’s what Lovely Charts is all about. It’s a tool to make great looking charts just the way you want it. Still in a beta-mode, so if you want to test it, go ahead 🙂 . I stumbled upon this Belgian start-up via Tijs.

Lovely Charts is for free, yet it also offers a premium edition:

“The main difference between the 2 versions being the fact that the free version only allows you to save one editable chart. You can print or export thousands if you want, but you’ll only be allowed to save one for later revision.”

This fully self-managed and self-financed project can become pretty big, like Tijs mentions. Especially when people can work simultaneously on a chart at different places. Which is one of the advantages of making your charts on the web and not on your desktop. Those ‘multi-user collaboration capabilities’ aren’t available yet according to the faq of the website. The Lovely Charts blog keeps you up to date when those and other novelties are integrated. At any case, I already like it now.

What I love about photo-albums like Flickr? That you can suddenly stumble upon the most beautiful and inspiring pictures ever. A few of my favorites:

And this one.

And this one.

And this one.

What’s your all time favorite picture? And what do you think of my choices?

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Fifty People, One Question: Restored.  A must see. A beauty. Gave me the shivers. Made by Benjamin Reece. Via Lamazone.

PS I can’t embed the film in this post because it’s via vimeo (wordpress only accepts embedded films from YouTube. Grrrr.)

Update: Hurray, I’ve been able to embed it. Thanks for the hat tip @lamazone 🙂 .

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