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The website is travelling the world. And that’s no surprise. On Eternal Moonwalk, you can see people and other creatures doing the famous Michael Jackson moonwalk. And if you are inspired, you can film your very own moonwalk and add it to the website. Result right now are thousands of movies from all over the world. Some so funny and creative that you just have to keep on watching.

Eternal Moonwalk is an initiative from the Belgian radio channel Studio Brussel. The idea is Belgian as well. Behind it are Group 94 and Mortierbrigade. Proud to see a Belgian initiative conquer the world.
PS Don’t forget to try the buttons below with the ‘s’, ‘d’, ‘f”… Brings your experience even a galaxy further ūüėČ .


mobile vikings

Simple and therefore (probably) very succesful: the¬†current campaign of Belgian’s youngest mobile operator Mobile Vikings: Choose your favourite cellphone and spread it on Facebook. Consequently you might win the cellphone of your choice.

A viral marketing campaign like another, you might say. Indeed. Except for the fact that you can see how popular the cellphone of your choice is. The smartphone I chose, the LG KP500 Cookie is not that popular with only 5% of the people interested in it. Read the rest of this entry »

werchterTomorrow, I’m attending the famous Rock Werchter Festival with my sister. Very much looking forward to it. With¬†artists like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and 2ManyDJs it will be hard not to enjoy the music. Moreover, the weather will be very sunny,¬†which will only enhance the atmosphere.

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I’m pregnant, yes I am. Our baby, who we call ‘babes’ while in my tummy, is due around the 23d of November :-).

Even though being pregnant means being very tired, I have done quite some geeky things meanwhile. Like visiting London with the Girl Geeks (I only had the suspicion back then that I could be pregnant), like going for an @twunch lunch, like attending the interesting conference ‘Social media in Belgium: building brands via social media and blogs’. Like announcing on Twitter that I’m pregnant. I loved the reactions. Some wished me luck with ‘our tweep’ (Twitter person), so babes already has a nickname: tweep.

While in my tummy, babes has already visited a lot of places and met a lot of people. That’s why I started a set of photos on Flickr, named ‘while waiting for babes’. Too bad I haven’t taken more pictures, but there are still 5 months left ūüôā .

The pics (with comments in Dutch) can be found via this link or you can have a quick look at the slideshow here:

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

Girl Geeks shopping in London

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Soon some text on my blog about the special Girl Geek edition. For those who can’t wait: Surf to the website at which it all took place: girlygeekyshopping.

I bought a poken from Kevin de Mulder or Clopin. Haven’t been able to get it yet, since¬†Kevin doesn’t really live next door and since I’ve been more ill than healthy in 2009.

However: next week, I have to be in Antwerp -where Kevin lives-, I will have overcome my disease ( yes, I will ūüėȬ† ) and therefore, I can finally see my poken and – more importantly -try it out. Do you have a¬†poken already? And what’s it like?


Trendsspotting has done a great job visualising the trends for 2009 concerning social media, mobile and online marketing. They have asked influencers and experts what they expect this year. Love it!

Social media:

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A very interesting video (in Dutch) by Erwin Blom from The Crowds, found via Marketingfacts. He explains how you can make money with communities, both directly and indirectly.

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Right now at work, I’m drawing quite a few community plans for projects we are working on. Apart from the fact that it is so important to know what you want to offer to whom (in other words to set your goals straight), you have to find a trigger to get your target group to you. You need to know their needs. You need to know what gets people out of their seats, right to your project.

An example I tend to use a lot these days to make people clear what I mean, is a project organised in my hometown Sint-Truiden. This year, for the second time already, a ladies city day¬†was organised. Not just ‘a’ day, no no, the ladies city day took place at the 22nd of May. ¬†Exactly, the day of the Champions League Final. Usually a day at which men grab the remote control, don’t want to let go of it anymore,¬†and want to sit in front of the television for about two hours, with beer, chips and their mates.¬† Women are brutally left behind, they don’t count at that day.¬† To¬†sketch things¬†in a stereotypical way ūüėČ .

So what did the organisation of merchants in Sint-Truiden do? They organised a women’s day. Shops were open till 9pm on the 22nd of May, famous Belgian actors came to town for signature sessions and performances, shops organised special actions,…And 10.000 women invaded town. Friens of mine who live kilometres away from Sint-Truiden came to the city centre. In other words, the event was a huge success.

And why? Not only because the organisation of merchants knew the needs of women (almost every woman loves to go shopping with the girls) but they also found the right time and the right moment to organise an event for their target group. They found the exact trigger to have ladies come to town ànd buy stuff. Great!


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