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Let me tell you a little secret. Round the 16th of August, my company City Live will launch a brand new website. With a brand new blog 🙂 .I’m already filling it and wrote my first article.

What about? The mobile internet services Belgian newspapers offer. Take a look.

As a company offering mobile internet solutions, we decided to start a so-called ‘advice blog’, with little focus on the corporation and used as a service to customers and people interested in mobile technology. More information about different types of corporate blogs (in Dutch) via this link.


At my new company Citylive things get busier and busier. I’m working on quite a few projects, among others on the one and only Citylive blog. Take a look. And if you have any suggestions or questions, please react, via this blog or via the Citylive blog 🙂 Thanx!!

PS I cannot add new pages yet on the Citylive-blog (there should still come an about-page). In other words something like ‘this blog wants to inform you about Citylive, the people working at Citylive, events we organise,…. ‘So if that’s one of your suggestions, it’ll be there next week (fingers crossed it will 🙂

The B(loga)wards are back in town. Which means that bloggers and their sympathizers can vote for their favourite Belgian blog.

In the (temporary) voting list there are three citizen reporters of HasseltLokaal and of course that’s something to be proud of:

1. Tineke. I think I know her more than 3 years right now. She shoots delicious pictures and writes about daily life.  And for the English speaking readers: she writes in English, so you don’t have to release any translation programme on the blog. Hurray 😉

2. Roger. He has recently started arts class and keeps us up to date about his progress by showing pictures of the sculptures and paintings he makes.  His blog is also in English.

3. Eef. She writes rather poetical posts about daily life (in Dutch). Her blog love started not lang after she joined HasseltLokaal.

Since you can vote for three blogs, I have made the choice very easy for you (there is no choice ;-). Just surf to the Bwards website and do what you have to do! Thank you 🙂

MetaTale widget

Yesterdag, the whole Belgian blogosphere was thrown into commotion. The reason? Metatale published its top 100 of most influential Belgian blogs. It is based on some kind of calculation, measuring the amount of entries a blogger posts, the comments a blogger gets on his blog or posts on other blogs etc. And of course, everybody is curious whether they are in the top 100 or not. And like always, some bloggers (usually the ones that are not in) question the analysis tool used, others praise it to heaven (usually because they are more popular than expected). At any case, the Belgian blogosphere was more alive than ever 🙂

And some more striking things:

  •  About Metatale: my personal blog has a rank of 14 according to Metatale. Since the top 100 ends with rank 17, I’m not that far off this top. Especially because I hadn’t been posting that much lately, I was kind of surprised. So the logarithm has counted in my advantage 🙂
  • About my company: A manager at my company is looking for an employee. She asked me to use my LinkedIn network to spread the word. I think it’s quite good that the management values social networks. Even though I think they’re pretty desperate to find a new employee (a market researcher, so in case you know anyone 😉

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