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Via I found the opposite of what I was looking for. “A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek”.

“Because they are special

Geeks are human, yes, but sometimes they seem like a different species. They have social interactions that don’t resemble anything else found in nature; they have language aspects and conventions that go against rational thought; […]. And we need people to understand us so they can date us. This book helps.

It asks the reader “Are you dating a geek?” If so, find out just how geeky he is in “The Geek Test.” Learn how to cope with his geekiness in sections such as: “Getting What You Want” and “How to Exercise Your Geek.” Also, discover how to plot revenge, diagnose common geek ailments, and find the perfect gift for your geek. Take a deeper look into the world of geeks with “My Life Among the überGeeks” and “My Life Among the Gamers.” Read case studies, examine graphs, peruse the Geek Dictionary, and more in A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek.”

What I was looking for? A Boy’s Guide to Dating a Geek. More and more girls are geeks and have boyfriends who just don’t have a clue. Like mine – a bit. He has never heard of Twitter, Technorati or Google Android. So a geek dictionary could be nice for him, and a perfect gift guide as well. Anyone else interested in an opposite version of this book (we could start one?) ?

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