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The American news channel CBS has launched the citizen journalism site On the Dutch blog Marketingfacts we read that the service enables people to immediately upload their pictures and videos via their mobile phone. It doesn’t work with all providers yet. Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been given too much rumour about the launch yet.

According to CBS, the service is primarily soliciting breaking news, weather, sports and political content. You can either upload your content or watch the lastest reports with your mobile phone:




Even though the way you can upload and watch photos and videos will change in the future (when most people have internet access via their phones), I think it’s a great start. It’s huge that a big news channel like CBS starts involving citizens ànd that they do it mobile. Also CNN is experimenting with the concept on iReport. Who will be first in Belgium?

That’s the entry I also posted on the CityLive blog. What I’d like to add here on this blog: I am especially guessing about the ‘why are those news channels doing this?’. And as a matter of fact, it is more than obvious (at least in my opinion 😉 ).

  • First of all mobile advertising is the future . So if those news channels do things right and attract more and more visitors, they have a new advertising platform right there in the corner.
  • Second of all, journalists always have their sources when needed. They don’t have to search on blogs, YouTube or Flickr for people who captured the news before anyone else -and thus also CNN and CBS- did. The breaking news is right there on their platform and thus ready to be broadcast.
    Which means CNN and CBS are ‘using’ the citizen journalists in a way BUT that also works the other way around:citizen journalists use CBS and CNN as well in their quest for ‘importance’: eveybody wants to be the first to ‘break the news’.
  • And that’s why there is also a ‘third of all’: when people feel CNN and CBS are really doing something with their photos and videos, there wil be a growing numer of ‘brand fans’. Those fans feel important and they feel appreciated. Moreover, they’ll tell the world 🙂

Am I forgetting something, or I am going way too far? Let me know 🙂

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