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So I went to the first Brussels Girl Geek Dinner on the 17th of October. Curious about who was there, and who wasn’t? Consult the Flickr-pictures then.

To be honest, I was very excited about the event. And I didn’t want to get over-excited 😉 because then things never turn out the way you want them to turn out.

But as a matter of fact, I had a great time. I finally saw or met some people with whom I had already corresponded, but who I never saw in real life. One of them is Ine Dehandschutter, an independent photographer ánd blogger. She managed a project in Israel a few years ago to bring Palestinian and Jewish school children together via the internet. Like that, there was more understanding and the children could see that they didn’t differ that much from each other. That’s how we started corresponding some time ago. 

We also had a speaker: graphic designer Veerle Pieters, CEO of Duoh!. Her blog has 17.000 readers each day. 17.000!!!She provides tips and tricks about design matters on it. She also talked about a new project of hers, called Geeky Chix.

I can go on like that. But I’ll finish this entry by mentioning that there was above all a very good atmoshpere and that it was really interesting and fun to speak with the geeky girls. Since the attendees list was full in no time, there is a second edition coming up. And since it’s not all about ‘new media’, the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen was there as well and made us shiny and hot, see article above : -)

By the way: my good deed of the evening was to bring blogger Maarten in. Boys could only get in accompanied by a girl. He had a great time, he told me. So I was happy too 😉

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