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The Belgian women’s magazine Flair has recently launched a mobile version of its product.

How does it work?

On your cellphone you download a mobile application of Flair. You get the link via an sms. When you start the mobile application, you find a very attractive interface (for girls at least 😉 ) with fashion articles, information about events,… But there’s more to it. Flair goes interactive with the application: you can participate in games, polls and tests . Stubru presentators Sofie and Peter tried out the ‘Which sex beast are you’-test. The Flair magazine appears weekly in Belgium and this also applies to the mobile magazine: users weekly get a new mobile edition, which is automatically installed when you start the application.

Ok, and how does it not work?

It does not work on my cellphone. My problem: they gave me the wrong cellphone at work 😉 .Because when you look at the list of compatible cellphones, there are already quite a few models on which the Flair application works. And so it does function on the cellphone of one of my colleagues (see picture below).

I find it very brave for a women’s magazine to start with a mobile version. They are the first in Belgium, and definitely not the last. And let’s hope this initiative helps to break open the Belgian mobile internet market.

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