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It went like this: I wrote an article about the book ‘A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek’. Which made Steffest say:

“If you ever find a book like “How to get your girl to be more of a Geek”
DO let me know!
I’ve been trying for over a decade to do just that and have made no progress whatsoever …
Not giving up though !!”

So there we are: Barcamp Ghent coming up next weekend and Steffest did not forget. Can’t escape so I’ll have to give a presentation concerning the topic. That’s why I have already questioned some people. Not about how to date a geek, but about how to make a geek. I believe that Facebook (as opposed to eg Twitter or Flickr), is the easiest platform to start with and therefore a possible first step to geekiness. Therefore I would like you to answer the followig poll:

When you are a geek who turned his or her partner into a geek as well, please let me know how that went. What did your partner fall for? How did you start? How long did it take to use which tools? Is Twitter a bridge too far? Do you have to be born a geek and will some partners never turn geeky? One mailaddress: or the comments above this article. Thanks!

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