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3/11: Mobile Monday Amsterdam.
Central theme: How mobile changes society.
Description in one word: surprising. Thanks to Bruce Sterling and Teemu Arina.

  • Bruce Sterling, who writes for Wired (beyond the beyond), Wikipedia, and is the author of various science fiction books, literally climbed the pulpit. Starting his sermon with the words “welcome mobile sinners”. Everybody turned silent, and listened to some wise words of Sterling. Like: “I want you to think real hard about the values you are going to save and stop worrying about the plastic.” With ‘plastic’ he means the fancy phones. So he pleads to think about the social aspects of mobile, not so much about the technology. Great!


  • The 26-year old Fin Teemu Arina entertained us with some great conjurer tricks, but he also gave a very interesting (and visually stunning) presentation about how mobile is changing our society. Since it was very abstract I refer to the blog entry in which he explains his points. A must-read!



PS @bunker was asked to take pictures by the organisation. Thanks to him, I could attend the event (it was fully booked after two hours and I was too late). Therefore some link love to an event @bunker will organise in May: Twiist. (PPS Twiist is still looking for sponsors, so go ahead and contact them 🙂 ) And a PPPS: @Simon was there as well and wrote a great review, mentioning the ‘vulcano-metaphor’ Sterling talked about.

2nd of June

My first Mobile Monday Amsterdam. I carpooled with my colleague Koen and with Stef, Tijs and Filip from Belgium to the Netherlands to join the sixth edition of this mobile event. Raimo van der Klein, who gave a presentation on ‘mobile wands and wizards’ at the Mobile Webcamp Hasselt I organised earlier, is one of the hosts.

What I recall:
Doc Searls himself! Waw. Great to see and hear the writer of the Cluetrain Manifesto in real life. And despite what everyone (like Tijs 😉 ) says, I loved his shirt ;-). Searls also made thé quote of the evening: A free consumer is more valuable than a captive one.
-The presentations on mobile were quite ok (for a great review, look at this blog post from Koen), yet there is a lot of work to catch up. Companies on the one hand are not entirely ready for mobile internet, but consumers aren’t either. I guess it’s not only because mobile internet is too expensive or because not everybody has a mobile internet connection yet,…What I realised listening to all those presentations is that we aren’t using the mobile internet the way we should/could. At the moment we are ‘cloning’ the possibilities of the ‘normal’ internet, yet mobile consumers and companies will find their own killer apps and added value. Like location based services. We’re thus still finding out where mobile internet will take us.
Dinner at club 11. Quite an experience, and that’s all I say. You just have to find out yourself!

Pictures by Filip Bunkens

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