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  • Last Wednesday: geeking with the girls. Lovely, as usual. Especially lovely, ’cause it was the first time with no males at all. They were banned. Yes, they were. Nivea sponsored this edition and gave us all some great beauty tips ànd a make-over. Nothing for real males in other words. Sorry that the dinner’s heart and soul, Clo, couldn’t make it. She fell ill. Next dinner is on the 10th of March. Topic is ‘mobile’.


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I bought a poken from Kevin de Mulder or Clopin. Haven’t been able to get it yet, since Kevin doesn’t really live next door and since I’ve been more ill than healthy in 2009.

However: next week, I have to be in Antwerp -where Kevin lives-, I will have overcome my disease ( yes, I will 😉  ) and therefore, I can finally see my poken and – more importantly -try it out. Do you have a poken already? And what’s it like?


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