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According to some friends of mine, who can know and who do know, the social networking platform Facebook is on its return.

Nevertheless, I consider it a great platform. Of course it’s not always user friendly and there’s a lot of crap on it. But…thanks to Facebook, a ‘lost’ South African friend of mine found me and now I can see pictures of her, her husband and her newborn baby. In other words: lost and found 🙂 Again thanks to Facebook, I manage to invite people with whom I studied abroad for a great reunion. I can immediately see who joins, who cannot come,…and everybody can invite other friends. And oh yeah, thanks to Facebook I have discussions about online journalism matters with professionals all over the world. Another example, I am part of a regional group on the platform, and there’s even a real life party coming up, with all the people of that virtual group. Not to mention that I can see who lives in my neighbourhood and that we can contact each other anytime.

Some people consider that creepy, I like it. You just give away as much as you want on the platform. And you discover quite some funny things. According to my friends I am the best singer in town, haha, they obviously never heard me sing in the shower 🙂 I also have my own solar system (of which I’m very proud) and according to some quizzes, I am a daffodil (which flower are you?), a pomegranate (which fruit are you) and Disney Princess Belle (Which Disney Princess are you?). Great, isn’t it, who wouldn’t want to know those things about himself? 😉

You could call me a Facebook addict. I practically live in Facebook. Except in the weekends, Belle reserves them for her beast.

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