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Like I told in the former entry, the running event Dwars door Hasselt is very special to HasseltLokaal. For several reasons.

First of all, it was the first event for the citizen reporters. In October 2005, the first citizen reporters were present at Dwars door Hasselt, making pictures of the athletes and the public. The content was put on our provisional website (we even didn’t have our website and used a wiki :-)) and on a mobile platform some volunteers of the i-City project had set up for the occasion. We shared a tent with them and had a great time, even though we had to get up at 5 am to make sure the wireless networks and other technical stuff were ok. At our tent, particpants could consult their times on the PDA’s i-City had provided and they could see the arrival live on a television screen together with the pictures the citizen reporters had made. So at Dwars door Hasselt, we ‘outed’ ourselves for the first time 🙂


Secondly, we always try to do something new at Dwars door Hasselt. This year, we offically launched our new campaign. Citizen reporters and promotion girls have been walking around with frames all day, to literally frame the public and the participants. It became a great success. We usually have about 1.200 unique visitors a day. Right now (5:00 pm), already 1.500 unique visitors clicked on the photo album to look for their picture.


And thirdly, Dwars door Hasselt was also a bit special to me. Because I lost a bet, I had to run my 3 kilometres in the outfit of a football team I don’t really like. Luckily, the sports event is not really about best times but about fun. In other words, there were people with much crazier outfits so that I wasn’t attracking that much attention 🙂


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