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No, I haven’t been paid by Synthetron. I just love their method of virtually discussing topics with other people. A few months ago, test users of the i-City platform (so me too) used the Synthetron technology to evaluate the i-City organisation. Specific questions were asked, on which you could react with a statement. Other users could then rate this statement or add other statements. Every few minutes, a new question appeared on the screen.

The survey was held anonymously. According to Synthetron because people tend to agree with their CEO’s or people they look up to, and the other way around. Now they didn’t know with whom they agreed or disagreed, which made the discussion less subjective.

Why I liked it? At first I thought: oh gosh, another evaluation. But to be honest, I was quite amazed that the 40 minutes passed by in no time. And I had the feeling I really contributed to the i-City organisation because it was a very thorough, deep going discussion. Then after a week or two we got a detailed synthesis of the evaluation. So the discussion also led to something.

I already figured out many ways in which a media company can use this kind of technolgy (for reader surveys, opinions on political matters,…). Who knows? And when/if they go mobile one day, it’s REALLY great.

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