The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels has always been one of my favourite museums. At the moment, it is hosting the exposition ‘Survivors of the X-treme’, showing how animals survive in the hottest, darkest, coldest, in other words the most extreme environments. Last weekend, we went there with our nephews of 3 and 8 years old.

And we liked it: The exposition is very interactive.  All kinds of installations make you experience or learn about the extreme conditions yourself. Which gives the exposition an extra touch, not only for children but also for adults. Discovering a dark cage, feeling the ice cold polar winds, measuring how much water your body contains, playing an exciting quiz…: you could do it all.

Most amazing, though, was the ‘heath sensor’, which shows the warmest (and less warmer) parts of your body using colours. Those colours totally changed after feeling the polar winds.


The exposition runs till the 30th of August. I don’t have to mention anymore to pass by (when you’re in the neigbourhood). Moreover, I made the cutest film of my boy friend and our nephews reaching a mountain’s summit and doing -uhm- funny things: