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Apart from the Belgian TechCrunch meet-up that was sold out in no time, there is a lot going on the next weeks for bloggers and geeks.

-9/11: Blogboat 1.0 in Ghent. With citizen journalism expert Dan Gillmor. Registration via this wiki.

-12/11: BrusselsGirlGeekDinner in Hasselt. Subscriptions via this wiki.
Topic: Music and technology featuring Audiocubes demo by’s Bert Schiettecatte.

-17/11: Mobile Monday in Brussels. Subscriptions via this website.


18.30 Welcome – Wim De Waele (IBBT)

18.40 Mobile Advertising what can we expect in Belgium- Fabian Tilmant (Cleverwood)

19.00 Start-up case – Jean-Paul de Ville (Pumbby)

19.20 Debrief of MobileMonday Stockholm session – Tanguy De Lestré

19.30 Drinks and networking

And the really nice part? The three events are for free! They cost nada, nothing, rien du tout!


According to some friends of mine, who can know and who do know, the social networking platform Facebook is on its return.

Nevertheless, I consider it a great platform. Of course it’s not always user friendly and there’s a lot of crap on it. But…thanks to Facebook, a ‘lost’ South African friend of mine found me and now I can see pictures of her, her husband and her newborn baby. In other words: lost and found 🙂 Again thanks to Facebook, I manage to invite people with whom I studied abroad for a great reunion. I can immediately see who joins, who cannot come,…and everybody can invite other friends. And oh yeah, thanks to Facebook I have discussions about online journalism matters with professionals all over the world. Another example, I am part of a regional group on the platform, and there’s even a real life party coming up, with all the people of that virtual group. Not to mention that I can see who lives in my neighbourhood and that we can contact each other anytime.

Some people consider that creepy, I like it. You just give away as much as you want on the platform. And you discover quite some funny things. According to my friends I am the best singer in town, haha, they obviously never heard me sing in the shower 🙂 I also have my own solar system (of which I’m very proud) and according to some quizzes, I am a daffodil (which flower are you?), a pomegranate (which fruit are you) and Disney Princess Belle (Which Disney Princess are you?). Great, isn’t it, who wouldn’t want to know those things about himself? 😉

You could call me a Facebook addict. I practically live in Facebook. Except in the weekends, Belle reserves them for her beast.


Finally some words about my own project, HasseltLokaal. There’s actually a lot going on this week. And it all starts TOMORROW, yes 🙂

First of all we are discovering the challenges and oppurtunities of ‘reverse printing’: making a print edition of an online platform.  The 11th and the 12th of October, the first HasseltLokaal magazine will be dropped in every mail box in Hasselt (30.000). Twenty articles of the citizen reporters have been selected from the website and will ‘shine’ in it. A golden jubilee, tree frogs in Hasselt nature park, happy people in the hospital, companies of Hasselt doing sports,…It is all covered within the magazine. Moreover, 20 local traders have put their ads in it. On the picture, you see citizen reporter Ulrike with the magazine.

Main goal is to find out whether the people of Hasselt are interested in local news and whether traders want to pay for ads in hyperlocal magazines. Therefore, an inquiry is set up. The experiment will be repeated in November. Afterwards we hope to have gathered enough information about the possibilities of (hyperlocal) reverse printing. We can research this thanks to a subsidy of the Flemish government.

 engin in frame

Secondly, there is a new promotion campaign for HasseltLokaal. Our marketing guy Engin (on the picture) has worked out a very original idea with frames. On several events in Hasselt, people can have their photographs taken in very small, larger or extra large frames. Afterwards, their pictures are displayed on our website. Like this, we literally and figuratively want to frame the people of Hasselt. Tomorrow will be our take off, at the Students Take-Off. On Sunday the 14th of October, we will be at the running competition Dwars door Hasselt, to which I will come back in a later entry because it is a very important event to us. Finally, at the 20th and 21st of October, our frames will be displayed, carried, and hopefully used a lot during the famous drinking weekend in Hasselt: de Jeneverfeesten. Check out the pictures from tomorrow on at the photo album of HasseltLokaal.

With this campaign, we want to entice people living, studying and working in Hasselt to our platform and we want to work on our visibility in the ‘offline world’. The magazine will contribute to that goal as well. People who won’t notice HasseltLokaal the next few days in Hasselt, must in other words be a little blind.

To be honest, it is quite something that’s going on, so I’ll keep you up-to-date.

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