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Simple and therefore (probably) very succesful: the current campaign of Belgian’s youngest mobile operator Mobile Vikings: Choose your favourite cellphone and spread it on Facebook. Consequently you might win the cellphone of your choice.

A viral marketing campaign like another, you might say. Indeed. Except for the fact that you can see how popular the cellphone of your choice is. The smartphone I chose, the LG KP500 Cookie is not that popular with only 5% of the people interested in it. Read the rest of this entry »

…Everything is possible 🙂 While visiting the F1 Francorchamps circuit a few weekends ago, my boy friend was using his ‘old school’ digital camera 😉 . I, on the other hand, was taking pictures with my mobile phone and immediately had them sent to my flickr-account (via shozu). My sister could thus immediately see the picture on the internet and I didn’t have to worry about not forgetting to put it online when back home. Great, no? 🙂


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