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Yes, high time for a mobile webcamp in Belgium, since 2008 simply breathes ‘mobile’.

All the information you need to know can be found on the wiki of the mobile webcamp. With the login ‘mobiel’ and the password ‘devcamp’ you can add your name, a presentation you want to give,…

And yes, I’m very proud to announce that I’m co-organizing the event. That’s why I’m now visiting the three high schools and the university in Hasselt, to make sure students join us there. Because, yes, they are the future ànd they have the opportunity of a lifetime to exchange ideas and plans with professionals (and vice versa) 🙂

And I never dared to hope that right now, after opening the site like two days ago, already 46 attendees have subscribed on the wiki. And quite some waw attendees, like Tom De Bruyne, Tijs Vrolix, Pascal Van Hecke and Bart Vanmaele. I’m a happy girl 🙂

By the way: also our location is waw, check it out!



Throw your story on the pile, that’s what the Stadsreporter vzw (the organisation behind HasseltLokaal) and the students of Communication and Multimedia Design had in mind.

Out of this idea, students made in no time the website Nu of Ooit (Now or ever). Two days in a row, the people of Hasselt could visit the students in a bar and tell or type a story. Any story. While typing or telling, words coming from other stories appear on the screen, and they should help the story teller to be inspired, create new story lines,…

I loved the idea and typed in a story. Because of the word ‘a capella choir’ that appeared on the screen, I was inspired to tell the story of me in the school choir. And then of course the memories kept coming. I felt that everybody was quite excited about the project, people love telling stories. If you want to share your story too, just go to the Nu of Ooit website.

This project was a short term experiment. If you have any ideas on how to improve it, or want to let us know how you feel about projects like this, don’t hesitate and let me know 🙂 (via the reactions or via Thanx 🙂

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