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“If you teach a man to fish, they not only eat for a lifetime, but you’ve just created a market for fishing rods, bait and angling magazines.”

Unfortunately not my words, but those of Paul Bradshaw. He wrote a very interesting article about the German newspaper Bild. Mentioning that Bild has joined up with super market Lidl to sell very cheap, basic cameras. Those cameras should be used by readers of the paper, who – when seeing something news worthy- take a pic and send it to … indeed: Bild. Read the rest of this entry »


And just in case we do not find a proper business model for HasseltLokaal, we can always have the grannies of Hasselt knit socks to sponsor our project. And no, it’s not my idea, a bunch of Swiss grannies sell their self-made socks via their website. I have already chosen my favourite granny: Annelies. She looks so cute, is wearing the sparkling colour orange, and seems to have a lot of fun. Moreover, she tells on the website that her socks are ready after a good detective on television. That’s my granny 🙂

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