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When I opened my Facebook today, I was surprised to find a link to an article entitled ‘Tax agency spies via Facebook’ (the article in Dutch).

In short: the Belgian tax agency is said to watch people on network sites like Facebook and Netlog. Information that is found on the web, cannot be used as evidence, but may lead to further controls.

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The story of our New Year’s cake


Happy New Year 🙂 Two weeks ago we received a gorgeous cake at HasseltLokaal. And who was it from? Well, it came from a man who works at the hotel schoof of Hasselt and is a volunteer for the sports club Initia Hasselt. He wanted to thank us for the exposure the school and the club got thanks to HasseltLokaal. Grrrrrreat 🙂

At the Kortom conference on the 18th of December I told the attendees exactly this. Clubs, schools and other organisations never really had a platform to post their events and announcements on. The events are usually too small to appear in a newspaper. That’s why some of them put news about their organisation on their websites, but nobody unless members or sympathisers, visits this website. Now 30.000 unique visitors a month can see interesting club and school news on HasseltLokaal.

Which results in yummie cakes 🙂 A citizen reporter told me this week that the handball Club Initia Hasselt got new supporters thanks to HasseltLokaal. How great is that!

The bid for a tweet and a news show in your living room


By the way, the tweet of Bart De Waele, about which I told you in a former post, has finally led to a bid of 400 euros!! The brand interaction company These Days advertised for a new job site of theirs. Not a bad idea, since Bart’s followers on Twitter are all (or should all be) very interactive, digidynamic, innovative,…people. Bart himself calls his 3000st post ‘the most expensive tweet ever’ and he is probably right 🙂

Bart is not the only in action on Ebay for the charity project Music for Life (organised by Radio station Studio Brussel). The public news channel is even giving away a ‘news show in your living room’ to the highest bidder on Ebay. Right now, the highest bid is 3.296 euro!

Bart De Waele is one of the people I follow on Twitter. He is about to write his 3.000st post on the platform and was wondering what to write…He asked his followers for help, he really didn’t know what to do…Should it be a fantastic post no one will ever forget or just a trivial one? Sorrows, sorrows, 😉

Bu the sorrow is over, Bart will give his 3.000st tweet (a post on Twitter) to the highest bidder. In other words, he put his offer on Ebay. Any company or person can bid until the 16th of December. And what does the bidder get then? Well, Bart has more than 250 followers on Twitter and they are not the least. It is in other words quite a chance for innovating companies, commercial guys who want to experiment,…to reach a very creative-technical-commercial-digital-innovative-and-I-don’t-know-what-else ‘audience’.

I wonder whether anyone else somewhere else had an idea like that? At any case, I hope there will be a bid soon.  And I’m quite curious on the outcome and the responses.

By the way, the highest bid will go to the charity project Music For Life.

UPDATE: 5 minutes after publishing this entry, the first bid was a fact. Let the game begin 🙂

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