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Before I forget. I changed jobs. I’m a ‘web 2.0 specialist’ at anaXis right now.

And … euh …

  • Don’t mention the website. We know. It’s ugly :-). Won’t last too long before there’s a brand new one.
  • Find us at Facebook.
  • Yesterday in Spanish class I had to explain what I do. Everybody had to ask each other ‘qué haces?’. I kind of ended up explaining web 2.0 first and then what anaXis expects me to do with it. Of course, that was in Dutch. Cause what the hell is a web 2.0 specialist in Spanish and how do you explain that with a basic vocabulary? First time since long that I wished I was still a journalist. I would have been able to simply answer “Soy una periodista. Y tu, que haces?” Qué?
  • Websites by anaXis: the one of the wonderful Winterland event in Hasselt and a TV series website ‘De Smaak van de keyser’.

I’m gonna move to Canada, yeah I made up my mind. My favourite (Belgian) singer of the moment, Milow, is singing about big dreams. About making up his mind. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes I didn’t and sometimes I did.

This week I have made up my mind: I’m not moving to Canada, but I decided to work somewhere else.  Big deal?, you might think. Well, being the project manager of HasseltLokaal was my first job, so it was a big deal to make my decision.  Especially since it involved much more than one might think.

Since I was 10, I have been interviewing people in the neighbourhood and selling my self-made newspapers afterwards, convinced to be a journalist one day. I studied languages and journalism, and got to work at the newspaper Het Belang van Limburg, among others on the HasseltLokaal project. So goal achieved. But now I had to realise (and that took me quite some time) that this big dream wouldn’t make me happy anymore. I want to move on in project management.

And thus from next week onwards, I will be the brand new community manager at Citylive, working with test users on the one hand and the Citylive marketing team on the other. I’m really looking forward to this, although I’ll miss my job, the citizen reporters and my colleagues big time. Luckily, they’re never far away thanks to the internet 🙂

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