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 On the blog of Fast Company, 6 reasons are given why Belgium will be the next hotspot for design.

Imke Dielen shared the link on Twitter, stating ‘finally some positive news again about Belgium’. I couldn’t agree more, that’s why I want to highlight the article here. Go go read it ūüėČ .

When I opened my Facebook today, I was surprised to find a link to an article entitled ‘Tax agency spies via Facebook’ (the article in Dutch).

In short: the Belgian tax agency is said to watch people on network sites like Facebook and Netlog. Information that is found on the web, cannot be used as evidence, but may lead to further controls.

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werchterTomorrow, I’m attending the famous Rock Werchter Festival with my sister. Very much looking forward to it. With¬†artists like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and 2ManyDJs it will be hard not to enjoy the music. Moreover, the weather will be very sunny,¬†which will only enhance the atmosphere.

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mobile vikings

My former colleagues of City Live have¬†launched Mobile Vikings, a new Belgian¬†mobile operator “with a heart for internet”.

Their fees? phone calls for 0,24euro/minute, 0,10 euro/sms, 1.000 free sms’es and FREE mobile internet (1Gb/month).


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On the website ‘If the World could vote‘ you can virtually participate in the American elections. In other words: do you choose Obama or McCain?

Belgium seems to be fanatically pro-Obama. From the 336 Belgian voters, more than 94% chooses the democratic president candidate. Overall, 82% of the 26321 voters favours him. Visit the website to vote and see the most recent overview.

Does it say something about the political profiles of (Belgian) internet users? Maybe it does. From the 4656 voters from the United States, 80% chooses Obama. Which isn’t representative at all when you compare it to other American polls. So¬†can you deduce something from a website like this one?

At any case, there is no poltical party behind the website. According to the FAQ, three guys from Iceland started the initiative: “The site is independent from all political parties, companies or hidden agendas. It’s just an idea a 22 yo guy in Iceland came up with and executed with a little help from a couple of friends.” The guys are curious about how the world would vote.

Thanks to the launch of the iPhone last Friday in Belgium, mobile internet has become a hot topic. The three mobile operators in Belgium each have their own fees to welcome mobile surfers. T-zine gives a clear overview (in Dutch) .

Picture (and sadly enough also the iPhone) by Filip Bunkens.

MetaTale widget

Yesterdag, the whole Belgian blogosphere was thrown into commotion. The reason? Metatale¬†published its top 100 of most influential Belgian blogs. It is based on some kind of calculation, measuring the amount of entries a blogger posts, the comments a blogger gets on his blog or¬†posts on other blogs etc. And of course, everybody is curious whether they are in the top 100 or not. And like always, some bloggers (usually the ones that are not in) question the analysis tool used, others praise it to heaven (usually because they are more popular than expected). At any case, the Belgian blogosphere was more alive than ever ūüôā

And some more striking things:

  • ¬†About Metatale: my personal blog¬†has a rank of 14 according to Metatale. Since the top 100 ends with rank 17, I’m not that far off this top. Especially¬†because I hadn’t been posting that much lately, I was kind of surprised. So the logarithm has counted in my advantage ūüôā
  • About my company: A manager at my company is looking for an employee. She asked me to use my LinkedIn network¬†to spread the word. I think it’s quite good that the management values social networks. Even though I think they’re pretty desperate to find a new employee (a market researcher, so in case you know anyone ūüėČ

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