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mobile vikings

Simple and therefore (probably) very succesful: the current campaign of Belgian’s youngest mobile operator Mobile Vikings: Choose your favourite cellphone and spread it on Facebook. Consequently you might win the cellphone of your choice.

A viral marketing campaign like another, you might say. Indeed. Except for the fact that you can see how popular the cellphone of your choice is. The smartphone I chose, the LG KP500 Cookie is not that popular with only 5% of the people interested in it. Read the rest of this entry »

Girl Geeks shopping in London

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “girl geeks in london 14 03 2009“, posted with vodpod

Soon some text on my blog about the special Girl Geek edition. For those who can’t wait: Surf to the website at which it all took place: girlygeekyshopping.

Trendsspotting has done a great job visualising the trends for 2009 concerning social media, mobile and online marketing. They have asked influencers and experts what they expect this year. Love it!

Social media:

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mobile vikings

My former colleagues of City Live have launched Mobile Vikings, a new Belgian mobile operator “with a heart for internet”.

Their fees? phone calls for 0,24euro/minute, 0,10 euro/sms, 1.000 free sms’es and FREE mobile internet (1Gb/month).


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Find your lookalike! With the contest, the Belgian free newspaper Metro introduces its mobile ‘ME by Metro’ package. With which you can monthly

  • call for 60 minutes to Belgian numbers or
  • send 120 text messages to all Belgian networks or
  • send 120 MMS messages to all ME and Base numbers and
  • use a 10mb data package that allows users to go on mobile internet

The winner of the lookalike contest gets the package for free for a year. Subscribers to the package pay 10 euro per month and can combine the options described above to their wants. Metro has chosen to run its service via the Belgian network BASE because it’s the most modern one they say.

ME by Metro, find your lookalike

Thanks to the launch of the iPhone last Friday in Belgium, mobile internet has become a hot topic. The three mobile operators in Belgium each have their own fees to welcome mobile surfers. T-zine gives a clear overview (in Dutch) .

Picture (and sadly enough also the iPhone) by Filip Bunkens.


The Belgian women’s magazine Flair has recently launched a mobile version of its product.

How does it work?

On your cellphone you download a mobile application of Flair. You get the link via an sms. When you start the mobile application, you find a very attractive interface (for girls at least 😉 ) with fashion articles, information about events,… But there’s more to it. Flair goes interactive with the application: you can participate in games, polls and tests . Stubru presentators Sofie and Peter tried out the ‘Which sex beast are you’-test. The Flair magazine appears weekly in Belgium and this also applies to the mobile magazine: users weekly get a new mobile edition, which is automatically installed when you start the application.

Ok, and how does it not work?

It does not work on my cellphone. My problem: they gave me the wrong cellphone at work 😉 .Because when you look at the list of compatible cellphones, there are already quite a few models on which the Flair application works. And so it does function on the cellphone of one of my colleagues (see picture below).

I find it very brave for a women’s magazine to start with a mobile version. They are the first in Belgium, and definitely not the last. And let’s hope this initiative helps to break open the Belgian mobile internet market.

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