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Simple and therefore (probably) very succesful: theĀ current campaign of Belgian’s youngest mobile operator Mobile Vikings: Choose your favourite cellphone and spread it on Facebook. Consequently you might win the cellphone of your choice.

A viral marketing campaign like another, you might say. Indeed. Except for the fact that you can see how popular the cellphone of your choice is. The smartphone I chose, the LG KP500 Cookie is not that popular with only 5% of the people interested in it. Read the rest of this entry »

For all you iPhone users: The news website of the Flemish Radio and Television Station (De Redactie) has been optimized for the iPhone. Check it out (in beta, made by mobixx)!

Thanks to the launch of the iPhone last Friday in Belgium, mobile internet has become a hot topic. The three mobile operators in Belgium each have their own fees to welcome mobile surfers. T-zine gives a clear overview (in Dutch) .

Picture (and sadly enough also the iPhone) by Filip Bunkens.

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