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For all you iPhone users: The news website of the Flemish Radio and Television Station (De Redactie) has been optimized for the iPhone. Check it out (in beta, made by mobixx)!


The Belgian public broadcast company VRT has launched a brand new news site called ‘De Redactie’. The website brings a lot more news on video than before and also the local news has become more important. The Belgian blogosphere right now is mainly discussing the lay-out. Is it more user friendly or not? Most people tend to find the website less intuitive than the former one.

At any case: for other Belgian media companies, this news is not about ‘is this new website more user friendly or not’? It is above all a very hard nut to crack.  The public broadcast company ‘breathes’ thanks to the Flemish government and therefore doens’t the feel the commercial pressure other media companies are dealing with every day. In my opinion, it therefore has more resources to experiment, be innovative,…

Don’t understand me wrong: it’s important to have a public news company. But it’s not easy for other news companies not funded by the government to keep up. Innovation is ok, but for a company like mine, it also has to bring some money at the end of the day…

 NOTE: since today (8th of January), De Redactie is also availble in English, German and French

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